Hi, I'm Mattia 👋

I'm a software engineer with extensive experience in web development.
I'm most familiar with technologies such as Angular, Node.js and MongoDB, but I 'm also proficient in Linux shell environment and many other softwares like Java EE, Android SDK, PHP. I always wish to learn something new.
I'm a musician and I play the guitar in a Rock Band performing live in my Country.

Got any questions? Contact me.

Selected works

Skills & Competences

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Angular
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bash
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • LaTeX
  • Git
  • Vagrant
  • Docker

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