Store file larger than 4GB in FAT32

May 10th, 2016

Mac OS X

Open a terminal and type the following commands to split the large file into several smaller files
split -b 2048m bigFile bigFile.part
Use -b xy where x is the length in bytes for each file piece, and y can be k for kilobytes or m for megabytes, in case you do not provide any of these the length is interpreted in bytes.
The command will generate a number of files called bigFile.partaa, bigFile.partab, ..., bigFile.partax
Then to recombine the pieces and recreate the large file run the following command
cat 'ls bigFile.part*' > bigFile.recombined
It will recreate the original file naming it bigFile.recombined
You can check that the two files are the same by using
md5 bigFile bigFile.recombined
That will give the same outut for both the files.


The procedure is the same, it just changes the syntax of the commands
split --bytes=2GB --numeric-suffixes bigFile bigFile.part
cat bigFile.part* > bigFile.recombined
md5sum --binary bigFile bigFile.recombined